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Adland Santa, November 2011

Adland Santa is a giant Secret Santa game that we’ve created at Pirata for all our clients – and potential clients – across the UK advertising industry. Essentially it works the same as normal Secret Santa, except that the name draw is randomised across all the companies.

Individuals sign up using our iPhone App and the website displays a live activity feed and – later in the game – photos of all the presents received (submitted via the app) and how they are rated by the lucky recipients.

We won’t be revealing who bought for whom, but we will be pulling out some statistics such as whether Creative Directors’ presents are rated higher than those from Technical Directors, and which agency sent the most gifts.

Tech stuff

The iOS application requires iOS 4.3 or higher, though takes advantages of some of the iOS 5 interfaces such as the integrated Twitter functions. The web services and website are built on top of CodeIgniter running on a Cloud-based LAMP server, dedicated for the campaign.

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